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Profiles from the Red Shield

Friends like you and Charles (above) empower The Salvation Army to help others.


Charles began volunteering at The Salvation Army more than 25 years ago. Now retired, he has more time than ever to serve people in need, here in his community.

“Most people when they retire, they play golf,” Charles says. Smiling, he adds, “If you saw my golf game, you’d know why I volunteer!”

His volunteer work has him involved in many Salvation Army programs — offering food to hungry neighbors, helping people who are looking to turn their lives around, and at Christmas, providing toys to underprivileged children.

That’s right — although it may seem early, Charles is already turning his attention to the holiday season. There’s a lot of work involved in bringing toys to all the kids. For Charles, it’s worth it.

“Seeing some of the parents of the children at Christmas ... when you see how they feel about gifts we are providing — that’s the real payoff,” he explains.

There are many places where Charles could volunteer, but he chooses The Salvation Army.

“The Salvation Army is meeting an essential need, and I have great admiration for them,” he explains. “They deal with people in crisis all the time ... I just greatly admire the work that they do.”

Supporters of The Salvation Army, like Charles — and you — make it possible for The Salvation Army to serve those in the most need. Because you care, we are able to bring help, and hope, to men, women and children throughout the community. God bless you for your compassion — and thank you for your continuing support.

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