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Adventure Corps

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Adventure Corps 

What is Adventure Corps?

Adventure Corps is a boys' scouting program created by The Salvation Army of the United States. The program is made up of two distinct areas, emblem work and biblical study. The goal of each meeting is not just to have fun learning about camping, art, music, fishing, computers, hiking, etc. but to also spend time learning about how God fits into everything we do.

Who can take part in Adventure Corps?

Technically, Adventure Corps members are in first - eighth grade. The Adventure Corps program is broken up into two subprograms: Explorers for those in first - fourth grade and Rangers for those in fifth- eighth grade. At this time high school boys can take part in Ranger activities or they may start a Venturing program (created by the Boy Scouts).

How often are Adventure Corps meetings?

Usually meetings are once a week and last for about an hour. However, this depends on your local corps community center. For more information on the Adventure Corps schedule call your local corps.

Will my children be supervised during the meetings?

Yes, corps officers (pastors) of each Salvation Army corps, do their best to find the best possible leader to head up Adventure Corps. That doesn't mean you can't take part. As a parent you can ask about being an assistant or taking part in field trips.

Is there camping involved?

There sure is. Each summer Adventure Corps members are brought to one of our 10 camp locations in The Central Territory ( Midwest). The camp you go to depends on where you live. To find out more information about Adventure Corps camp please contact your local Salvation Army corps.

I am a leader who needs resource material and uniforms. How do I order these and what do I need?

The Adventure Corps program has numerous resource material available. Some of these items can be downloaded from this website. You will also find much of our resource material on a CD called ?Records and Report Book 2004,? which was given to every corps officer. At the very least, you need the Explorer and Ranger Handbook to lead the classes. This is a resource which can only be ordered. You will not find the handbooks on the webpage or the CD mentioned above.

If you would like to order hard copies of the resource material or need uniform supplies please call the Youth Department at your Divisional Headquarters. Supplies usually take around two weeks to arrive.

As a leader, do I have to do every activity in the handbook?

Yes and no. Yes, because in order to complete each emblem there is specific work which needs to be done. By skipping parts of the emblem work the ones who end up losing out are the boys. The program was made so they could be well educated and well rounded each year they take part.

Of course, there are some liberties. Take some fun trips or do a fun activity. This will break up the monotony of simply reading from the handbook. Be innovative.

I have girls and boys at my corps. Can they all take part in Adventure Corps?

We do not recommend that the girls and boys take part in the same program. Adventure Corps was designed for males. Girls have the opportunity to take part in their own programs called Sunbeams and Girgaurds.

It sounds like a good program, but is Adventure Corps a priority at a Corps?

Adventure Corps is one of many priorities at a corps. Although it is fun to earn emblems the true purpose is to teach youth about Christ and to build character in young boys so they grow to be mature, leadership worthy, men. If your Corps doesn?t have an Adventure Corps program, strongly consider starting one up. The benefits are numerous and the souls saved will be many to come.


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