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Adult Rehabilitation Center

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Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC)

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) is a 6-month residential drug and alcohol treatment program. You can support the ARC by shopping in our thrift stores and donating automobiles and useable household items.

Call 1-800-95-TRUCK (1-800-958-7825) to schedule a pickup or find us on the web at

Determine the estimated value of donated items by viewing our valuation guide.

For questions about local thrift store addresses, our treatment program or any other aspect of this vibrant ministry, please call our administrative offices at 971.230.5300

The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARCs) form the largest network of rehabilitation programs in the nation, helping men and women to overcome serious life problems, such as alcohol and drug dependencies.

The ARC program affords these men and women opportunities to gain insight into their problems while acquiring self-respect, and developing moral and spiritual principles of conduct and habits of industry that will enable them to gain purpose and meaning in their lives.

The ARC program is a residential program with a minimum required stay of six months to one year. Admission is voluntary, and services are provided without cost to the participants. A trained counseling staff facilitates the program.

Program Components

Bible study and chapel services

Work therapy

Group and individual counseling

Chemical dependency education

12-step meetings

Recreation/leisure activities

Programs for re-entry and alumni support

Donations of clothing, furniture, appliances, and household items.

Donations of vehicles (cars, trucks, boats and RVs).

Purchases at Salvation Army Thrift Stores and Boutiques.

Volunteers who help in the counseling program or with donation processing. Please call your local ARC for more information about volunteer opportunities.

Local businesses that donate property space for Salvation Army donation trailers.

Thank you for your trust and caring support to The Salvation Army for over 130 years. We depend on community support so that we can continue to offer hope to people who struggle with today’s most serious problems, including drug and alcohol dependencies. Thank you for helping us to provide such needed services as housing, food, clothing, rehabilitation, and spiritual renewal, to men and women through our Adult Rehabilitation Centers.

God bless you.

Joe W. came to us after losing his wife, his children, his job, his self-respect, all because drugs and alcohol had crept into his life and destroyed everything decent. When Joe arrived at the ARC he told several people that he would probably be around for only a day or two; just long enough to “clean up and get something to eat.”

Joe graduated last night after six short months in the program. His family attended the graduation ceremony and the reunion was a blessing for all to see.

Joe has put in an application for employment with the ARC where graduates of the program make up approximately 20% of the total workforce.

Joe is living proof that The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center program works.

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