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About Us

About Us

International Mission Statement

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an
evangelical  part of the universal Christian Church.

Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated
by the  Love of God. Its mission is to preach the Gospel of
Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without

The History

In 1865, William Booth, an ordained Methodist minister, aided
by his wife Catherine, formed an evangelical group dedicated
to preaching among the "unchurched" people living in the
midst of appalling poverty in London's East End.

Booth's ministry recognized the interdependence of material,
emotional and spiritual needs. In addition to preaching the
gospel of Jesus Christ, Booth became involved in the feeding
and shelter of the hungry and homeless and in rehabilitation
of alcoholics.

Booth and his followers, originally known as The Christian  
Mission, became The Salvation Army in 1878, when that  
organization evolved on a quasi-military pattern. Booth
became "the General" and officers' ranks were given to his

The Salvation Amy has functioned successfully within that
unusual structure for more than a century. As of this year
(2009) its outreach has been expanded to include 118
countries, and the Gospel is preached by its officers in more
than 160 languages.

Who we are

In The U.S: The Salvation Army's membership consists of
3500 officers, 60,000 employees, 113,000 soldiers, 430,000
adherents,  and more than 3.5 million volunteers. Adherents
are people who have elected not to be enrolled as soldiers
but consider The Salvation Army to be their place of worship.

Soldiers are those who have signed a declaration of faith and
practice known as A Soldiers' Covenant and worship and
serve through a local corps.

Employees are personnel hired to perform specialized duties
in fields such as social services, youth service, accounting,
development, law, and property. Volunteers are those who
give freely of their time, enabling The Salvation Army to meet  
far more community needs than otherwise possible.

Officers are the clergy of The Salvation Army. They have
completed training and have been ordained and
commissioned to officership. All officers are engaged in
continuing education. With its Christian heritage and
motivation, The Salvation Army continues its unique service to
all people in the name of Christ.


Salvation Army fund-raising campaigns are conducted on a
local and regional basis. There is no fund-raising at the
national level. The normal source of funds are the traditional
Christmas kettle campaigns, direct-mail programs, corporate
and foundation gifts, planned giving, and government
contracts. The organization's stewardship of its funding is
noted throughout philanthropy; 83 cents of every dollar
collected by the Army goes directly to client service - among
the highest percentages of any non-profit in the world.

Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council, comprised of representative community,
corporate, and civic leaders, perform a valuable service by
providing advice and acting as liaison between The Salvation
Army and the community. The Council interprets community
needs to The Salvation Army and facilitates the development
of resources, enabling The Salvation Army to respond to
critical community needs.

External Studies and Findings

Cone, Inc. and Intangible Business have performed research
to  rank the brand value of a number of non profit brands.
Notable findings from the report include:

The Salvation Army is the top-ranked nonprofit for responding
to domestic social needs.

The Army ranks second behind the American Cancer Society
in overall "brand image."

The Salvation Army's overall brand value is estimated at $4.7

The report speculates that much of the Army's success as a
brand is connected to the iconic Red Kettle Campaign and
the Army's thrift stores Ð both of which keep the Army top-of-
mind and link the organization inexorably with the act of giving


Majors John & Sabrina Tumey
Corps Officers/Pastors


Mr. Timothy Fuqua
Program Director


Mrs. Korin Arndt
Office Manager


Mr. Spike Arndt
Youth Director / After School Coordinator


Ms. Brenda Padilla

Social Services

Mr. Justin Hamilton
Facility Manager

Mr. Tito Tovar
Boxing Coach


Ms. Mary Blackmon