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Alcoholism and drug addiction are the NUMBER ONE cause of death and disability in Los Angeles County. Many start using mood-altering chemicals to cope with anxiety and depression or social and vocational problems. For them, if they don’t die from this fatal disease, substance abuse intensifies their existing problems and creates new ones. Residents are not responsible for having this disease – but they are responsible for their recovery. The Santa Monica ARC understands the difficulty our residents face when chemical dependency affects their lives. We also know that people do recover from this disease when they take responsibility for their recovery, accept necessary help and find their personal spiritual path. While success does not happen overnight, most that come to the Center do succeed with God’s help.

The Salvation Army ARC is a three phase, six month (up to 12 months) residential chemical dependency rehabilitation program for men. The first phase involves establishing a discipline of sobriety and a spiritual path. The second phase involves implementing behavioral changes and the third phase focuses on re-entry into the community. Within a Christian based atmosphere and philosophy, the Center offers its residents the opportunity to regain purpose and to develop the positive independent life skills necessary to maintain a lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol.

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