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Homeless Outreach


What is Homeless Outreach?

San Diego County's homeless population consists of families, single men, women, and youths. Most are homeless due to high cost of rent and insufficient income. Many others suffer from substance abuse and mental illness.

The Salvation Army has a team of Outreach Workers who vist pre-established sites frequented by the homeless population, i.e. parks, beaches, feeding sites, near shelters and occasionally churches.

 Who does Homless Outreach Serve?

Homeless single males, single females and families.

 What does Homeless Outreach Provide?

Referral services - For shelter to St. Vincent de Paul and other shelters when beds are available.                                                                                                     Direct services - disabled bus passes, day trippers/tokens, eye glasses, and reduced vouchers for CA ID, family reuinfication and other services on funding availalable.

Information - on various social service resources for mental health, job training programs, drugs and alcohol treatment, case management, food, clothing, financial assistance, transportation and other services.

The Mission of the Homeless Outreach Program 

The mission of the Salvation Army's Homeless Outreach Program is to assist a person in transition from a state of homelessness into taking steps toward a more dignified, self-sufficent and productive lifestyle.


Homeless Outreach Director
Loren England
Homeless Outreach Director


Outreach Specialist
Kathy Almendarez 
Outreach Specialist


Homeless Outreach Headquarters

825 Seventh Street

San Diego, CA 92101 

CALL 619 699-2223