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 Meet the Corps Officers!

O-A-S-I-S - Corps Officer Approach to Disaster Response (Emotional & Spiritual Care)


Major David

Major Diane

Featured Officers

Barstow Outreach

Majors David and Diane Ebel


Majors David & Diane Ebel began their work with The Salvation Army is Bartsow in July of 2013.




Lt. Kelsey

Lt. Kelsey

Previously Featured

Cathedral City Corps

Lieutenants Sean & Bonita Kelsey


 Cathedral City Corps

Lieutenants Sean & Bonita Kelsey have served as Corps Officers for the Dick & Beverly Davis Corps Community Center since June of 2011


Major Carlos

Major Rosa

Previously Featured Chula Vista Corps

Majors Carlos & Rosa Rodriguez


Chula Vista

Majors Carlos & Rosa Rodriguez have been with the Chula Vista Corps since June of 2007

Captain Terry

Captain Rutendo

Previously Featured

El Cajon Corps

Captains Terry & Rutendo Masango


El Cajon

Captains Terry & Rutendo Masango have served the East County community since June 2011

Captain Jerry

Captain Vicky

Previously Featired

El Centro Corps

Majors Jerry & Vicky Esqueda


 El Centro

Majors Jerry & Vicki Esqueda began their work with Imperial County in June of 2005 


We Observe:

 Work to determine if emotional and spiritual care is needed.


 Lt. James  Lt. Hilda

Previously Featured 

Escondido Corps

Lieutenants James & Hilda Parks


 Escondido Corps
Lieutenants James & Hilda Parks were sent to their first appointment as Corps Officers of the Escondido Corps in July of 2013      
Lt. Poe Lt. Tammy Poe

Previously Featured

Hemet Corps

Lieutenants Tony & Tammy Poe


Lieutenants Tony & Tammy Poe have served as Corps Officers for the Hemet Corps since June of 2012      
Captain Julius Captain Shannon

Previously Featured

Moreno Valley Corps

Captains Julius & Shannon Murphy


Moreno Valley
Captains Julius & Shannon Murphy began their work with the Moreno Valley in July of 2008      
Major Butch Major Kim

Murrieta Corps

Majors Marcelino & Kimberely Soriano 951.677.1324

Majors Marcelino "Butch" & Kimberely Soriano came to serve at the Murrieta Corps in January of 2014       

We Approach:

 Building a respectful, sensitive, and safe connection with a survivor


Lt. David Preston Lt. Dawn Preston


Oceanside Corps

Lieutenants David & Dawn Preston


Lieutenants David & Dawn Preston have served as Corps Officers of the Oceanside Corps since July 2014      
Envoy Abel Envoy Noami

Ontario Corps

Envoys Abel & Noami Tamez


Envoys Abel & Noami Tamz have worked with the Ontario Corps since June of 2007      
Captain Patrick Captain Ke'olani

Previously Featured

Redlands Corps

Captains Patrick & Ke'olani Lyons


Captains Patrick & Ke'olani Lyons began their work with the Redlands are in July of 2009      
Captain Keith Captain Robin

Previously Featured

Riverside Corps

Majors Keith & Robin Bottjen


Major Keith & Robin Bottjen came to the Sierra Del Mar Division's Riverside Corps in June of 2011.      
 Lieutenant James Combs has served as the asistant Corps Officer to the Riverside Corps since July of 2013  Lt. James



Riverside Corps

Lieutenant James Combs

Assistant Corps Officer


 We Stabilize:

 We remove roadblocks, promote calm, but allow natural venting, assessing practical needs.


Major Daniel Captain Anya

San Bernardino Citadel Corps

Major Daniel & Captain Anya Henderson


San Bernardino
Major Daniel & Captain Anya Henderson came from The Salvation Army in Europe in July of 2013 to serve as Corps Officers for the San Bernardino Corps.      
 Lieutenant Kathleen Griffiths has served as Assistant Corp Officer of te San bernardino Corps since June of 2012 Lt. Griffiths



San Bernardino Citadel Corps

Lieutenant Kathleen Griffiths

Assistant Corps Officer

Major Gwyn Major Ann Marguerite

Previously Featured

San Diego Citadel Corps

Majors Gwyn & Ann Marguerite Jones


Majors Gwyn & Ann Jones have been with the SD Citadel Corps since July of 2009      
Major Ron Major Elaine

Previously Featured 

San Diego Centre City Corps

Majors Ron & Elaine Wildman


 Centre City
Majors Ron & Elain Wildman have served much of San Diego County since July of 2009      

We Interact:

 We provide practical help, immediate spiritural care, offering information, triaging for referral.


 Major Peacock  Major Margaret

Previously Featured

San Diego Kroc Center

Majors Rick & Margaret Peacock


Majors Rick & Margaret Peacock have been witj SDM for sometime, they began working with the Kroc Center in June of 2011.      
 Captain Young  Captain Young

Victor Valley Corps

Captains Sylvan & Nathalie Young


Captains Sylvan & Nathalie Young began to serve the Victorville Community in June of 2012      
Capt. Gerald Capt. Anita

Previously Featured

Service Extension Office

A/Captains Gerald & Anita Pigeon


Captains Gerald & Anita Pigeon have been servicing as Axuilary Captains for the SDM Service Extension Office since November of 2002      


LT Ben Jones Captain Emily Jones

Pine Summit Camp

Big Bear


Pine Summit Camp

Lt. Ben Jones &

Captain Emily Jones

Serving Pine Summit Since

July 2014



We Support:

 We develop an action plan, resource referrals, determine next steps


Click on the picture to enlarge it.

BreakfastCorps Officer Survival Bags/Emergency Presence Backpack

All of our Officers are equiped with a survival bag and an emergency presence backpack to be used in a time of emergency.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge and see the contents of each Survival Bag and Emergency Presence Backpack.

Survival BagPresence Backpack



 Sierra Del Mar Division shall maintain a number of chaplains as determined by the Divisional Commander. Our Salvation Army Officers are mature individuals with a sound moral and spiritual background. It is the responsibility of the Emergency Disaster Services office to provide guidance and coordination to all Chaplains of the Division. The Coordination may be in matters of training and availability. The Chaplain (Officer) is to maintain working hours whereby he/she can be contacted by the phone, radio, pager, or in person. 

The Chaplain is on call 24 hours each day, seven days a week, and is available to assist in emergency matters during these times. The Chaplain is also available in situations whereby the possibility of injury to personnel is high, such as large structural fires, natural disasters, attempted suicides, riots, demonstrations, homeland security issues, etc. The Army Chaplain is to act as a resource person in matters where a specialist is required or needed. The Chaplain may be called upon to serve in a situation where other agencies, fire department or EMS Service may not have a Chaplain and require this specialized service. 

 Click Here  to Read More on our Chaplaincy Program

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