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Door of Hope

Door of Hope

DOHDOHHaven Program

The youngest was only 11 when she became pregnant. The oldest, at 18, was pregnant with her third child. Often victims of abuse, incest, or rape, these girls have no place to turn until they find this place of refuge, this sanctuary, this Haven.

The Haven Program is a long term residential treatment home for pregnant and parenting teens and their babies. Here, young women learn how to parent their infants while growing in personal, emotional, and spiritual strength. They learn structure and they grow with thier babies in this nurturing environment.this place of refuge, this sanctuary, this Haven.

There is a high school on campus where the girls strengthen their academic skills and learn how to study, how to find their talents and focus on career and life goals. Volunteers help in the classroom and tutor the girls in areas of academic need.


"I was angry and out of control when I came here. I would never have finished high school. Now my daughter is four and I am ready to return to my home and my community. I am a good mom. I know I will suceed and so will my daughter!" -- Yolanda, Haven graduate.

Transitional Living Center

The Transitional Living Center offers homeless women and their children a safe, healthy environment and the tools to create a new life. They are given classes in parenting, anger management, and domestic violence. With extensive career counseling, the women find new, satisfying jobs, learn to budget, and save 80% of their income each month. The families may stay at the TLC for up to one year, and 85% of our residents move into independant housing after that time.








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