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Trish & Ryan Mathews Door of Hope Chest

Trish & Ryan Mathews Door of Hope Chest

The Trish & Ryan Mathews Door of Hope Chest helps mothers with children set up their households when they graduate from The Door of Hope.

Trish & Ryan Mathews have a special place in their hearts for moms and kids who have been homeless.  When Ryan was born, Trish was kicked out of her family home. Trish was only 16, but she took care of her infant as best she could.  At night they would sleep in her car in a church parking lot. Trish often worked three jobs to support them, but she never gave up hope. She managed to make a new life and raise a happy, healthy and talented son. No matter how little they had, they always found a way to help others. 

Homeless moms with children come to The Salvation Army Door of Hope to start a new life.  When the moms successfully graduate, the Mathews' Door of Hope Chest will provide them with some of the basics for their new apartments such as bedding, towels, dishes, cookware,  within a designated shopping budget. 

Trish and Ryan both remember how hard it was when they would have to move. Her job covered rent and food, but it was difficult to acquire necessities such as furniture and bedding, let alone a new set of dishes or blender. Trish and Ryan know how much it can mean to have new towels, a set of cookware or a Toy Story plastic cereal bowl.

The plight of homeless mothers and children is very dear to Mathews’ heart, and is a cause he works tirelessly to improve. Thus, he is proud to sponsor an event that is not only enjoyable, but helps raise funds for the charitable foundation.

“I know first-hand what these moms endure because my mother and I were homeless for a short time when I was little,” said Mathews. “I wouldn’t have the life I have now if it wasn’t for my mom getting a helping hand and then doing everything she could to support me, even working three jobs. So I encourage all levels of runners to sign-up for the Bolt to the Q because not only will it be a good time, but we can also help families get the support they need.”





The Bolt to the Q is a 5k put on by Ryan Mathews and the Chargers that benefitted the Trish and Ryan Mathews Door of Hope Chest. Sign up for the fourth annual Bolt to the Q.

Ryan Mathews hosts a Charity Golf Tournament benefitting the Trish and Ryan Mathews Door of Hope Chest. Click here to sign up for this year's Ryan Mathews Charity Golf Tournament.


You can make a monetary donation to The Trish & Ryan Mathews Door of Hope Chest:



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The Trish & Ryan Mathews Door of Hope Chest

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(Excerpts from The San Diego Chargers web site:

·       Ryan Mathews (6-0, 218) is a three-year running back in his third season with the Chargers.

·       Mathews made quite an ascent from year one to year two of his NFL career, capping off a 1,500-yard season with an invitation to play in the 2012 Pro Bowl.

·       Chosen by teammates as the Chargers’ Offensive Player of the Year, Mathews rushed for 1,091 yards in 2011 and added 455 as a pass-catcher to become just the 14th player in team history to top 1,500 total yards from scrimmage.

·       Mathews is the 10th player in team history to top 1,000 yards rushing

·       Mathews was the Chargers' first-round pick in the '10 NFL Draft.  As a rookie, he and Tolbert became the only running back duo in franchise history to score at least seven rushing touchdowns each, and they became the franchise's first rushing duo to each top 600 yards since 1993.


Ryan Mathews' path to the NLF was a difficult one. He was raised by a single mother, Tricia, who gave birth when she was just 16. With her own mother battling a drug addiction, Tricia turned to relatives to find a place to stay and raise Ryan.  Unfortunately, Tricia ran out of options and ultimately settled on the backseat of her 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.  Their story is both heartbreaking and inspiring.  After several months of iving in the car, bathing and washing Ryan's clothes at a public park and feeding him from a Riverside, California soup kitchen, Tricia foud a stable home with her grandmother Glenna in nearby Tehachapi.

With a roof over her head, Tricia found work while her grandmother looked after young Ryan.  Tricia worked up to three jobs a day to save money and support her son. 

 After years of saving and living with Ryan’s grandmother, Tricia had saved enough money to move them to Bakersfield, where Ryan enrolled at West High School. It was there that Tricia landed a well-paying job, but one of the drawbacks was that it included extensive travel. At the time, the Mathews household had grown by one as Ryan’s best friend, Dante, had moved in with them to escape a home rife with drug use. With Tricia away working, Ryan and Dante often had the apartment to themselves and as a result, Ryan’s academics began a steady slide.

Things became particularly bad following a 235-yard, six-touchdown performance by Mathews in the league championship game his junior year. With a D-average and on the verge of being ineligible for his senior year, Mathews was challenged by both his mother and Fresno State Head Coach Pat Hill. It was a crossroads for the budding star. His mother’s plea carried the most weight as she reminded him of the sacrifices she made to raise him and it had a profound effect. Mathews fulfilled a promise to buckle down in school. He maintained his eligibility and proceeded to put together a 3,396-yard, 44-touchdown senior season that had coaches calling from across the country.

Despite the attention, Mathews stayed true to his commitment to Fresno State’s Hill. A classic downhill runner with a blend of power and speed, Mathews broke out as a junior at FSU, rushing for a school-record and NCAA-leading 1,808 yards and 19 touchdowns. He tallied 17 runs of at least 20 yards and enjoyed some of his best days against the nation’s top defenses, including a 234-yard, three-touchdown performance against Boise State. Mathews became the only player in the nation to rush for more than 100 yards against three Top-25 teams in 2009, doing so against No. 5 Cincinnati, No. 6 Boise St. and No. 14 Wisconsin.

Eager to make amends to his mother for her sacrifices and right earlier wrongs, Mathews applied for early entry to the 2010 NFL Draft. Ironically, one of Mathews’ childhood heroes was LaDainian Tomlinson and Mathews secretly hoped to be drafted by the Chargers. Unbeknownst, the Chargers were so smitten with Mathews that they traded up 16 spots to select Mathews with the 12th overall pick in the first round. And coincidentally, he became the first running back selected by the Chargers in the first round since Tomlinson in 2001.

 Mathews and his mom now oversee the Trish and Ryan Mathews Door of Hope Chest. In partnership with the Salvation Army, they assist homeless women and children transition to independent living.

s the second-most by any running back tandem in the NFL.