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The Sunbeam Story

Great King Sun sat on his throne of clouds without one sign of a smile on his large, round face.

The clouds rubbed their soft handkerchiefs over his shiny face, but this seemed only to bring more and more tears, until finally the Sun cried out loud. His sobs were so big and noisy that they sounded like claps of thunder. His tears flowed so thick and fast that they fell upon the earth just like heavy rain. In fact, his tears were so heavy that the poor little flowers in the garden were all battered and droopy.

“Oh-oo-oo,” wept the Sun, hiding his face in the kindly clouds. “I’m so big and yet so helpless”. Then, he cried some more before he could speak. The clouds and the blue sky looked sad and sympathetic.

“Just imagine,” the Sun went on, “if I were to fall down on the Earth. Big and hot as I am, I’d scorch everything. And yet if I were smaller, I could do such a lot of good. I could help make the sick well, make things strong, and bring joy to everything”.

So the clouds and the sky put their heads together and began to think. Then, all of the sudden, the sky, in her pretty blue dress, said in a gentle voice, “What about your little ones, the Sunbeams?”

“Yes,” breathed the clouds, “can’t you send them?”

“Certainly you could!” said the sky, as she softly fanned the Sun’s hot face.
The Sun opened his eyes wider and wider and the corners of his mouth began to turn up.

“Why,” he laughed, “how could I have been so foolish as to forget about my little Sunbeams? Here I’ve been saving them up and using them for a halo when they might have gone down to Earth and done the things that a big, clumsy thing like me cannot do!”

The clouds rolled away from the Sun, and his face began to shine more brightly than ever. The Sunbeams went from their places around him to work in the wide, wide Earth.

One of them went into a garden where the Sun’s tears had trampled all the little flowers. Stooping down, she softly wiped their petals and kissed their drooping heads until they looked up once more, fragrant and smiling.

Another little Sunbeam ran into the city, where the smoke and dirt had made everything dark and gloomy. She pepped in through an office window. She sat down on the desk of a young man who had once lived in sunshine. The man’s face grew bright instantly. He smiled so broadly that soon his secretary smiled and the other people in the office also began to smile and feel happy.

One little Sunbeam went into a hospital where there were tiny little boys and girls who looked so weary and tired. The Sunbeam went over to one of the beds, smoothed the covers, patted the cheeks of the sick boys and girls, and smiled at them lovingly.

Soon, a lady dressed in white came into the room. She looked at the sick children and saw that their pale cheeks were touched with color and that new life seemed to be flowing through them. She looked so very pleased and said, “My, oh my! If the Sun shines like this every day, all you boys and girls will soon be well enough to go home!”

The Sunbeams went about all day, working very, very hard to make the Earth a brighter and happier place in which to live. Then, as the evening shadows came, they heard the Sun King calling them back home, where he gathered them to his heart, put his arms around them, and folded them to rest. How happy King Sun felt when he tucked his little Sunbeams into bed that night and thought of all the good they had been able to do during the day!

The Sunbeam Troop

God wants you for a Sunbeam too! If you are a girl in grades 1 through 5, you can join the Sunbeam troop at your local Salvation Army Corps! Its easy to join and you’ll be able to help make other peoples days brighter, as well as your own, just like the Sunbeams in the story!
You’ll make lots of new friends, and learn how to be a helper at home and at school! You’ll get to learn all about the outdoors as you enjoy picnics, camping and nature study! You’ll also get to learn about your town and nation, which will help you to be a better citizen. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to love and worship God! With each new thing you learn you’ll have the chance to earn badges and awards that signify your achievement! A Sunbeam Troop is a great place to be!

For more information on this program, or to find a Salvation Army Corps near you, please call Michelle Baker at (213) 553-3201. Mention that you saw this information on the website and she will send you a free gift!

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