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Spiritual Services Available

4849 Holister Ave.
Santa Barbara Ca. 93111

Sunday School 9:30am
Sunday Worship 10:45am

Adult Bible Study - Wednesday - 6:30pm

VISITORS WELCOME - For more information, contact Lt. Jeff Walters at 805-964-8738 x14


Jeff & Maryellen Walters


Captain Willie Bland 


Salvation Army Santa Barbara

Located at 4849 Hollister Ave. in Santa Barbara, The Salvation Army's mission is to meet human need wherever it is found in the name of Jesus Christ without discrimination.

We provide emergency and rehabilitation assistance, youth development services, and community programs targeting families of all ages. Food distribution to the needy is accomplished daily, based on appointment! Additionally, holiday assistance is conducted seasonally to over 350 families helping with toys and food. Our Activity Center hosts a variety of community groups providing other programs that complement our mission to serve our surrounding community. Our spiritual services offer family style fellowship every Sunday with additional programs for all during the week. Adult services include our Hospitality House Transitional Residential Stabilization Program. For more information see Adult Services on this site.

You are encouraged come by and visit the Santa Barbara Corps. It is truly a mixture of church activities and social service programs for families and individuals of all ages!


see Family Resource Center page 

The Salvation Army, IN THE NEWS

The Salvation Army and Restorative Court

The Salvation Army has participated in Restorative Court since its inception in 2011. Restorative Court addresses the crimes associated with our growing population of homeless. The goal of this diversionary court is to help clients living a lifestyle that results in a high number of encounters with police, the courts, jail, emergency responders and the hospital. If they agree to case management (aimed to improve their quality of life) and remain citation free for six months with our assistance, their tickets will be dismissed. The long term goal is to offer wrap around services (mental health assistance, substance abuse programming, income, community adaptation) necessary to make independent living possible.



Friends of The Army 

Cloud 10

Cloud 10 Jump Club



Cloud 10 is a great community exercise and fun center for people of all ages. We look forward to building a strong collaborative relationship this year! Keep your eyes open for exciting new developments in 2015! 


The Salvation Army Southern California Division Home Page

The Salvation Army Western Territory Home Page 



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