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The Salvation Army has been identified by author and management expert Peter Drucker as "by far the most effective organization in the United States," The Salvation Army invests the charitable gifts it receives in the lives of men and women and boys and girls.

"No one even comes close to it in respect to clarity of mission, ability to innovate, measurable results, dedication and putting money to maximum use," Drucker said. (Forbes, August 11, 1997).

According to the The Salvation Army Silicon Valley's 2010 annual report, more than 90 cents of each dollar spent by The Salvation Army is used to fund direct services for people.
There are a number of different ways to donate:
Donate Goods
Donate Online
Planned Giving
Stock Gifts
Real Estate
Check or Money Order
Credit Card Gift by Phone


Stock Gifts

Thank you for your interest in and generous support of The Salvation Army. To minimize cost and provide efficient internal control, please use electronic delivery for shares of stock as it is the most secure and expedient delivery process available. You may also transfer certificates directly. Please use the following instructions.

Notification of Donor Intent
For audit and acknowledgement purposes, the donor or the transferring broker must provide the following information:

  • Donor's name and complete address
  • Name and number of securities transferred
  • Specific program for funding, if any

At the time of transfer, please send notification by fax or email to:

The Salvation Army
Attn: Major David Yardley
359 N 4th Street
San Jose, CA 95113

Securities Delivered Electronically
Please use the following account information to enable your broker to transfer stock electronically:


DTC ID #0221
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
888 San Clemente Drive, Suite 400
Newport Beach, CA 92660
FBO: The Salvation Army, Golden State Division
Account #: UJ56862

Stock Certificates by Mail
Please mail your unendorsed certificate(s) by registered mail to:

The Salvation Army
Development Department
832 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94107-1123

A separate stock power form will be mailed to you.

If you require further assistance, please call Jessica Sibbernsen at (800) 944-9677

Again, thank you for your interest in supporting the work of The Salvation Army-Golden State Division.

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Real Estate

Your home and furnishings may be eligible for donation. Please contact our office and a financial development director will discuss your options with you.
Phone: 408-282-1165


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Checks or Money Order

Checks or Money Order are accepted payable to:
The Salvation Army
Attn: Major David Yardley
359 N 4th Street
San Jose CA 95113


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Credit Card by Phone

Toll Free 24 Hours: 1-800-SAL-ARMY (725-2769)
Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express

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Disaster Services