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Bible Studies prepared by Lt. Ashley Koebel


The 2015-2016 Territorial Women's Ministries Missions Projects

Rays of Hope ###

Did you know the Women's Ministries department has a Facebook group page? Check it out for photos, videos, and much more!

West Kenya Junior Home League Congress ###

Videos from the West Kenya Junior Home League Congress held in December 2013.  More than 4,000 girls ages 8 - 30 attend this special event


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Cadet Briana Milner shares her testimony

Western Territory music groups prepare to participate in Boundless Congress in London 2015




The L.A. Korean Corps has the honor of having their traditional Korean fan dance group participate in the July 2015 Boundless Congress in London.

All the members are exceptionally hardworking as they prepare for their performances in England. The group consist of Heidi Kim, Megan Minjung Kim, Love Lee, Hope Lee, Major Joyce Lee, Amy Kim, Erin Eun Jung Lee, Jin Kyung Jung, Kyung Nyou Seo, Helena Lee, Jung Ja Kwon, Yang Soon Leem, Soo Duck Choi, Captain Kimberly Jo, and Na Jung Kim.

It is astonishing that they are made up of three generations of Korean culture (those who were born and raised in Korea, those who were born in Korea and moved to America, and those who were born and raised in the states) Despite the differences in understanding and tradition, they have been able to come together to prepare a dance that is important to the Nation of Korea.

These ladies gather each Saturday for approximately 3 to 4 hours. Many of the members are senior soldiers and all of them attend the L.A. Korean Corps Women's Ministries. There are three youth members (Love, Hope, Amy) who are future Women's Ministry members.

They have performed at The Salvation Army 2014 Commissioning Multi-Cultural Event as well as at the ARC "Count Me In" Convention in October. Many of us were nervous but we are happy that we have been presented with another opportunity to perform at these two events. Majors James and Joyce Lee are responsible for the overall function of the group and are doing wonderful good job giving leadership and encouragement to this group.


Anti-Human Trafficking 2015 Annual Day of Prayer

Every year the last Sunday in September is set aside as the Day of Prayer for Victims of Human Trafficking


"Rays of Hope" 2014-2015 Women's Ministries Territorial Project

See our missions projects for this next year.


Revive Magazine

Revive is is The Salvation Army's international women's magazine.


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