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2017 World Day of Prayer

Released 1 November 2016

Am I Being Unfair to You?

By the Christian Women of The Philippines


On Friday, March 3rd, over 5,000 services will be held in the British Isles on the theme of ‘Am I Being Unfair to You?' The Christian women of the Philippines wrote the service and it has been translated into 1,000 different languages and dialects, to be used, throughout the whole world, on Friday 3rd March, starting at sunrise over the island of Samoa and continuing until sunset off the coast of American Samoa.

In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan - named locally as ‘Yolanda' - struck the Philippine islands in the western Pacific Ocean. This is mentioned in the service but you will also hear the stories of a girl, a mother and an older woman, recounting their situations and their hopes and fears. The service focusses on the Bible story of the workers in the vineyard: Matthew 20 v 1-16. There is a reflection on the artwork designed by Rowena ‘Apol' Laxamana-Sta.Rosa. It is very thought provoking and illustrates contrasting scenes.

Why not find out more about the theme, the Philippines and the service? The Day of Prayer is not just for women. Everyone is welcome to attend the service. To find out further information, resources and services near to you, please visit the WWDP website:

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